– Winner Méliès d’or – best European Fantastic Film
– Winner of Best European Horror Feature Film Award / Méliès d’argent at MOTELX 2020
– Best of Bucheon, BIFAN (South Korea)
– Günther Rohrbach film award for best cinematography to Moritz Schultheiß & Nina Hoss for Best actress
– Nina Hoss (PELICAN BLOOD) winner Award of the German Film Critiques 
– Katerina Lipovska and Adelia-Constance Ocleppo winner of the special acting award at the festival of Bulgarian film
– Pro-Winzling Heimat Europa Filmfestspiele
Nina Hoss: Douglas-Sirk-Award & Hannelore-Elsner-Award

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und das ist alternativtext


Experimental film, shot on Super 8 and 16, self-developed, scratched, solarized, colored with chemicals. Then brought to miniDV, edited, projected to wall and filmed with miniDV.
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Netflix-Series „THE EMPRESS“
coming soon: 22/09/29th 

original title: „die Kaiserin“
about the Austrian/ Hungarian empress Elisabeth aka „Sisi“

Vogue-shooting and interview with costume designer Gabriela Reumer

More awards for PELICAN BLOOD: 

  • Nina Hoss winner Award of the German Film Critiques: Best Actress 
  • Winner Best European Horror Feature Film Award / Méliès d’argent at MOTELX 2020
  • Günther Rohrbach film award winner best cinematography Moritz Schultheiß, winner Best actress Nina Hoss
  • Bucheon IFF (South Korea): winner „Best of Bucheon FANTASTIC FEST, Austin Texas: winner Katrin Gebbe – best director 
film still PELICAN BLOOD