FILMS INCLUDE (selection):

THE EMPRESS / DIE KAISERIN), netflix original series (lead director), Sommerhaus Serien
PELICAN BLOOD / PELIKANBLUT), feature (writer, director) 122′,  Junafilm/ Miramar Film, world premiere: Venice Film Festival, Opening Film Orizzonti 2019
A NOCTURNAL BREATH, short segment as part of THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL – anthology (co-writer/ director), 11’40’’ / full film: 1h57’, Timpson Films, word premiere: SXSW 2018
– TROPIC – I AM THE RAIN IF YOU ARE THE MEADOW, music video, (idea/ director, GER 2015, 5’ Curtisfilm
NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN / TORE TANZT, feature, 110′, GER 2013 (writer/ director), Junafilm, world premiere: Cannes Film Festival, Un Certain Regard 2013
BILDER MIT KATZE (music video), 5’00“
KICK IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL (viral), 1’35“
SORES & SIRIN (short), 23’40“, GER 2008 (director)
NARZISSEN / daffodils (short), 13’00“, GER 2007 (director)
EINLADUNG/ invitation (short), 7′, GER 2007 (director)

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