NARZISSEN / daffodils

shortfilm, 13’00“, Super16, 2007
NARZISSEN – official filmposter
shortfilm, 13’00“, Super16, 2007

Throughout his whole life the boy – tortured by his mother’s disdain – has been struggeling for love. Katharina, the girl next door, raises new hope. For her, he cultivates a garden.

Narzissen – Trailer from Katrin Gebbe on Vimeo.
NARZISSEN / DAFFODILS (film-trailer 2’00)

Director: Katrin Gebbe
Script: Susanna Mewe
DoP: Moritz Schultheiß
Creative Producer: Stephanie Blum

Thomas Frenzel
Anne von Keller
Heiko Pinkowski
Lina Wendel
and more…


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